Sunday, March 13, 2016

Generate a chipmunk voice on the computer

The Chipmunks had a special voice and so many people want to talk like them.

So, this article will guide you the way to talk like Chipmunk on Skype with Voice Changer Software Diamond (VCSD).

Step 1: Download Voice Changer Software Diamond and install it.

Download Voice Changer Software Diamond 9 here.

Step 2: Open VCSD

Working screen of Voice Changer Software Diamond

Step 3: Set up a chipmunk voice

Move the cursor on the Pitch-Timbre to change your voice. In order to have the same voice as Chipmunk's, you can change Pitch and Timbre to 169% and 105% respectively.

Adjust equalizer value same as Equalizer pane to make your Chipmunk voice sound better and clearer.

Step 4: Configure Skype’s Audio setting

Run Skype, login to your account. Choose menu Tools ~> Options.

Skype option menu

  • In the Options dialog box: Select Audio settings (1).
  • In Microphone area, select: Microphone (Avnex Virtual Audio Device) (2).
Skype audio settings

Step 5: Start voice chat with your friend via Skype with the Chipmunk voice

Get back to Skype and start VoIP chat. The morphing effects are now applied, and your voice has been changed in real-time.

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