Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to Talk Like Mrs. Obama

In previous articles, we have introduced to you how to speak like celebrity using AV Voice Changer Diamond (VCSD) from Audio4fun.

As the spectacular Fourth of July is coming close, this article will guide you on how to own the voice of one of the most powerful women in this planet – the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

In some simple steps, you will make your friends crazy with the Mrs. Obama’s voice. Let’s go!

Step 1: Open Voice Changer Diamond Comparator module

Voice Comparator is a special module of oice Changer Diamond. It allows you to compare and change your voice to the voice of anyone you want. You will know how it work below, now.

Run Voice Changer Diamond >> Click on Voice Comparator icon on the left panel.

Click to open Voice Comparator window.

Step 2: Import the sample voice of Mrs. Obama’s

Click Add button (1) in Voice session.

In the AV VCS Voice Import popup, Click Browse button (2) to select the sample voice file of Mrs. Obama’s.

Type the name of the voice in Person textbox (which you want, ex: Mrs. Obama)

Type the sentence(s) spoken in the audio file in Phrase textbox

Write a short description of your parody project in Description textbox

If everything looks fine, click Import button (4) >> All info will be added to the program, now, you can click Play to listen to it again.

Step 3: Compare your voice with the original file

In Morpher session, click on Record button (5) to start recording your voice.

If you receive a message saying that “Cannot make comparison. Please, try to record your voice again,” it might be because your voice was too low, quiet, or too fast so it couldn’t be detected. Please try again at normal speed and clear voice.

Once you finish, there will be numbers showed how similar your voice is to the target voice in Similarity session.

Click OK to apply the suggested morphing settings to Voice Morpher module.

 Step 4: Configure advanced settings


In the main panel, click Preset in Equalizer session >> select Soft (If you don’t like it, select Reset)


Click Sound Quality icon (6) >> Sound Quality window appears

Set the 4 sliders (Release, Attack, Reduction, Threshold) as above suggestions (7) >> OK (8)

Now you can hear the noise is less dominance in your audio output. Turn on online chat application and make some prank calls to surprise your friends with the parody voice of the First Lady of the United Stated of America – Michelle Obama.

Have fun!

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