Monday, February 22, 2016

How to speak like celebrity using voice changer software

Ever think of speaking like popular celebrity voices? Or, probably the voice of any cool movie character? Today, I’m guiding you on how to own a celebrity voice easily, using the professional Voice Changer Software.

Step 1: Prepare for voice changing process

First of all, you need AV Voice Changer Software Diamond installed on your computer. Download here!

Next, select a celebrity or movie character voice that you like. And, make sure you have a quality microphone working on your computer.

Step 2: Change voice Timbre and Pitch level

Turn on Voice Morpher panel by switching ON/OFF button (1), or clicking on Voice Morpher button (2) on the left main panel.

Now move the cursor on Voice Morpher graph (3) to change Pitch and Timbre levels, and speak through the microphone to hear your changed voice.

Tips: Here are some of my personal suggestions for you:
  • Morgan Freeman’s voice – Pitch 72%, Timbre 109%
  • Justin Bieber’s voice – Pitch 69%, Timbre 68%
  • Pirate’s voice – Pitch 58%, Timbre 184%
  • Darth Vader’s voice (Star Wars) – Pitch 50%, Timbre 158%
  • Boris The Animal (Men in Black III) – Pitch 59%, Timbre 115%
  • Drow Ranger (WarCraft III) – Pitch 145%, Timbre 76%
  • Yoda’s voice (Star Wars) – Pitch 84%, Timbre 76%
Step 3: Improve the quality of your output voice

AV Voice Changer Software offers various options to enhance your output voice.


Adjust Equalizer settings at the right-bottom of the main panel.

Vowel enhancer

On menu bar, click Preferences (4) -> Vowel Enhancer (5).

Turn ON (6) Vowel Enhancer module and make your adjustments on provided slides > OK.

Background effects

Choose tab Background Effects (7) -> Turn ON (8) the module -> Choose your favorite effects.

Note: Due to the unique characteristics of a single person’s voice, I recommend that you should try out Voice Morpher graph many times to get the desired voice.

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